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Pat Lieske's Systematic Approach to Sporting Clays - Instructional DVD


Pat Lieske is recognized as one of the smoothest shotgunners in the world. With a list of accomplishments including 15+ time All-American, 7+ time Team USA member and 10 time Michigan State Champion, it is evident that Pat knows what it means to be a true competitor. Pat has over 30 years of experience; he is the owner of two shooting ranges as well as Pat Lieske's School of Shooting, with students ranging from complete novices to NSCA-All American and Team USA members.


Pat's students have found him to be the best teacher of any kind that they have experienced. You will find that Pat's composed and affable personality will positively manipulate you're learning and comprehension levels. His laid back and natural style of shooting will help anyone become a better shooter. You will find that his simple and unique three step method incorporates solid shooting technique, proper target analysis and focused practice.


Utilizing this method, you will find consistency and victory much easier to attain, regardless of the difficulty of the course. With Pat's smooth and controlled move to the target, you will discover a connection to the target that will formulate control and an effortless break each and every pair.

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